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Neville - I wanted to let you know that my financial advisors were very impressed with the rate comparisons and the other information that you had sent to me.  It is possible that they may contact you in the future after seeing how the process regarding Margaret and myself finalizes.  Take care. 

Don G

National Long Term Care Insurance

At LTC-Insurance Solutions, LLC you can be assured you are working with experts. At the 2003 National LTCi Producers Summit in New Orleans we won awards for: 8th largest Individual Producer of Long Term Care Insurance Nationally; Largest Individual Producer of Long Term Care Insurance in AZ; 2nd Largest Individual Producer of Long Term Care Insurance in CA. 


LTC-Insurance Solutions is licensed in most states throughout the U.S. (please see our licensing page for a complete listing). 


Neville Verster, CLTC; principal of LTC-Insurance Solutions has specialized in Long Term Care Insurance since 1992; so regardless of where you live Neville offers an unsurpassed combination of expertise and exceptional professionalism. Neville has been able to assist over 2,000 clients across the U.S to acquire a customized long term care policy in their state.


If you’ve been planning for long term care in your particular state, you understand that it may be difficult to sort out the details and questions:


Taken all at once, it gets a little overwhelming to find adequate answers to these important questions. This is where we come in. Long term Care Insurance Solutions specializes in sorting out the questions you have and repackages them in an easy-to-follow format.
We help you understand the important choices associated with selecting long term care insurance for your particular state. We truly believe an informed decision is a wise decision. Browse our informative online resources to learn how we can help you find the very best long term care insurance.


It’s our goal to become your definitive long term care resource with detailed and customized comparisons. Planning for long term care is a daunting task, but being armed with the best information can help you to feel confident in every decision you make along the way. Browse our site to learn more about obtaining quality long term care insurance in your state.


We have dedicated ourselves to bringing people the best long term care insurance for their state. We place special emphasis on providing long term care in the following states:


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