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Thanks again, too, for walking my parents through their LTC options.

My mother has told me on several occasions that they are both glad that you "rescued" them.


About Us - Our Philosophy

We believe we are an important part of your aging process. We help you maintain your lifestyle, your assets, and your independence for as long as possible, with as much dignity as possible. We have a privilege and responsibility to take great care in finding just the right company to be your safety net as you move into the future.


Reputable companies do exist that have the assets, surplus funds, ratings, product strength, tenure and acceptable business practices that brokers admire and endorse. Most importantly, they have not raised premiums on unsuspecting, trusting clients. It is to these companies that I steer my clients. We hope you will become our client but more importantly, we hope you have learned enough about long-term care to make an informed and educated choice.


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Neville Verster, CLTC
LTC Insurance Solutions, LLC
Fountain Hills, Arizona

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