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A Look inside Group Policies
Buying from a Long-Term Care Specialist versus a Financial Planner
Is it Better to buy LTC insurance from a Local Agent?
Can I buy Long-Term Care "Direct" and save money?
What happens if I have to make a claim


Can I buy Long-Term Care "Direct" and save money?


For most items we purchase this is generally true - except with insurance!

Many Insurance Quote Services and others like to advertise that you are "buying direct" and "cutting out the agent". The truth is, you aren’t saving a dime! Any entity that offers insurance must be licensed as an agent/agency by the State in order to offer insurance. The only thing you ‘cut out’ is knowledgeable input and personalized service. Why do we say this?

Focus on the Bottom Line; what is the policy going to cost you compared to another company with similar benefits and features.


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