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I wanted to let you know that Don and I have signed the LTC Insurance forms, and sent them back to you along with a check.

They were returned today. Thanks for your remarkable service.


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Eldercare resource

MetLife Articles

Official Medicare Site

AARP Report

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Eldercare resource

This is a public service site sponsored by the U.S. Administration on Aging. It's an excellent resource for older people and their caregivers:



MetLife Articles

These are informative articles from MetLife on aging, long-term care and retirement. More information can be found on their website.


MetLife 1 - Market Survey 1

MetLife 2 - Market Survey 2

MetLife 3 - Media Report on Aging

MetLife 4 - Does LTC Make a Difference?

MetLife 5 - Assisted Living Survey



Official Medicare Site

This is the official Medicare website:




AARP Report

Across the States: Profiles of Long-Term Care 2004 Research Report



The sixth edition of the AARP Public Policy Institute's biennial databook tells a story - or rather 51 stories -- one for each state plus the District of Columbia. These long-term care stories are told primarily through numbers, graphs, charts, and maps, rather than through words. In order to assist states in preparing to meet the long-term care needs of their aging populations, Mary Jo Gibson, Steven Gregory, Ari Houser and Wendy Fox-Grage present a national overview of long-term care issues, followed by 51 state-specific profiles with the most current data available. These profiles, with 85 indicators for each state, provide a snapshot of each state's demographics, need for long-term care, long-term care services, and financing. Each state is compared with other states through state rankings and national averages. The book provides a wealth of information, including data on housing, nursing home quality, the supply of long-term care workers, and Medicaid spending on nursing homes and home and community-based services.


   • Report for Arizona
   • Report for California

   • Report for Nevada

   • Report for Washington




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