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Pricing and Selecting your Agent


Can I buy Long-Term Care 'direct' and save money?

No, even though for most items we purchase this is generally true. Not so with insurance! Many insurance ‘quote services’ advertise that you are 'buying direct' and 'cutting out the agent.' The only thing you ‘cut out’ is knowledgeable input and personalized service. The Truth: every business entity must be state-licensed as an agent/agency to offer insurance.


Therefore, look for the most knowledgeable and experienced source to advise you about this important decision. In this business, nothing counts as much as proven experience in helping and guiding you through the pitfalls of policy and benefit selection.


Special Pricing

No agent or agency can offer you a "special price" outside of a pre-approved group or association. The rates insurance companies use are all filed with the state, and no agent can minimize, reduce or add to these rates. You may wonder why two quotes from two agents are so different. It has everything to do with whether you’re getting an ‘apples-for-apples’ comparison, or whether one agent is ‘low-balling’ you in order to win your business. We work for our clients, and we promise an impartial perspective among the major vendors in order to help YOU attain the best value & premium for the policy that best fits your circumstance.


Should I use a company career agent (represents one company) or general agent (accesses multiple companies)?

As a general agent, we are licensed to represent any number of companies. A career or captive agent generally offers only one insurance company. These agents cannot offer you a lower price for the same LTC Insurance policy than a general agent.


Is a local agent or an 'internet agent' better for me?

A fair question. You very likely came to us via the Internet, and you realize the great power of the internet for information, service and ease-of-use.


We are licensed in over 40 states, unlike a local agent. Because we are internet-based, we do a detailed analysis for you and present you the comparison when it's complete. Then you can review it in your own time – without the pressure of an agent whose goal it is to make the sale on the very first visit. Because they cannot carry their entire office into your house, they can't provide you the detailed analysis we can – through medium of the internet!  High pressure and lengthy home visits are not necessary to become fully informed.


Read our Testimonials

All the testimonials on this site were unsolicited, sent to us by our existing clients. We have proven to our clients that we will be with them for many, many years. We have never sold any other product other than long-term care so you don’t have to fear that we will be switching to the next hot product. We have always been readily available to our clients to provide ongoing support for questions and claims. We focus on what we know best – long-term care insurance.


We thank you for reviewing our business services, and look foreword to being of meaningful help to you in this process.


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