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Who should have long-term care insurance?

Although typically thought of as insurance for seniors, it's often overlooked for those in the prime of their earning years. Anyone with assets to protect should consider the family and monetary implications if they were to become chronically ill or injured and unable to care for themselves.


Business Owners can Combine Tax-Planning and Retirement Protection

LTCi is an important financial planning tool because, for most people, long-term care is their largest unprotected financial threat. Business owners, in particular, enjoy the added advantage of very attractive tax incentives.


*Tax Incentives Overview

In general, Employers can fully deduct the entire LTCi premium for employees (who are not considered to be owners) and their tax dependents, with NO taxable income to the employee when the premium is paid and NO taxable income to the employee when benefits are received.


Corporations or companies with independent tax returns;

the same tax breaks apply even for employees who are owners.


Self Employed or other "pass-through" entities

(companies for which earnings ‘pass-through’ to the employers’ tax returns), everything is generally the same except that there is a maximum amount based on their age and their spouse’s age (amounts change annually based on IRS tables).


*This information is provided for general information purposes only. We do not guarantee its accuracy as tax laws are subject to change. We are NOT tax professionals and always advise that anyone seeking specific tax information about their particular circumstance consult the appropriate CPA, Attorney, or other tax advisor who specializes in that area.


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