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It was a fortuitous day I came upon your page on the web regarding long term care insurance.

You have been so easy to deal with - no high pressure that would have scared us off - and so professional in answering our many questions. We now feel we have a policy that meets our needs...

Art and Shirley Ramm

LTC 3-minute eQuote Personalized Needs Analysis


This brief analysis will let you know if you own long term care insurance and if so, how much.


This information will maximize our ability to provide you with your best alternatives and minimize the time we will need to spend with you on a phone appointment. Please Note: This analysis is optional.


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Needs Analysis:


Is your Net Worth at least $75,000?

Yes   No


Tips: If not, and you don't have a family member who will be paying the premiums for you, then long term care insurance is not for you. Basically, if you can't afford a solid policy without dipping into your savings to pay the premiums, then don't buy it. If you are a multimillionaire and don't mind paying $500,000 or more to fund a long term care stay, then self-insure. If you are like the rest of us, then take a look!


Should I buy now or wait?

Tips: Anyone at any age can require long-term care services. Causes of long-term care needs can range from accidents to simply growing weak from age. Rates for long-term care premiums are based on the age that you apply. Unlike most health insurance, rates do not subsequently increase due to changes in your age or health. You will never be younger than you are today and waiting doesn't save you money over the life of the policy.


Can I Qualify?

Tips: Fortunately, qualifying for long term care insurance is generally easier than qualifying for health or life insurance. Even if one long-term care insurance company has declined you, it does NOT always mean you can't qualify for long term care insurance. That is why it is essential to work with an experienced agent who understands the different company underwriting standards and is free to represent a full spectrum of companies. Working with the right agent will prevent unnecessary declines that can hinder your ability to acquire long-term care insurance.


Certain illnesses, however, can permanently disqualify you from obtaining coverage.    Examples of such illnesses might be Alzheimers, severe Stroke, MS, or Parkinsons.


“Non-traditional” solutions for these situations might include a restricted benefit LTC policy, the use of certain annuities, reverse mortgages, or Medicaid for the impoverished.


How Much is the Right Amount of Insurance Protection for Me?

What is the average Daily cost for a Private Nursing Home Room in my State? Find your state in the table list below:


Select your State: Genworth Financial 2005 Cost of Care Survey


Select the Daily Benefit you would like the insurance company to cover:

Tips: Fortunately Nursing Home stays tend to be limited and many people find they receive most of their care from Assisted Living facilities which tend to cost less than HALF the cost of a Private Nursing Home room according to the same study.  Home care services also account for a significant amount of services received. Most people can pay for some of the cost of care out of their monthly income, so 100% insurance is usually too much.




Premium Tolerance:

Your budget will determine these remaining variables. This is where we can help to design the perfect fit for you. Don't worry if you are unsure about the exact benefits you prefer at this stage. This is only a starting point. From here we can "fine tune" the structure once you have a better understanding of LTC Insurance and what it will cost. Tips: Some type of Comprehensive coverage is best. To reduce the premium, consider a Facility Only policy.


Type of policy:


Benefit Period:

Tips: If your budget permits, then Unlimited is best. However, most long-term care stays are less than 5 years, so 3 to 5 years will likely be a sufficient amount of coverage.





Elimination Period or Deductible:

Tips: Most people can afford to pay for the first 90 to 100 days of care without going broke. Remember, this is LONG term care insurance - not acute care or post hospitalization recovery insurance. However, there are also very valid reasons for selecting a shorter Elimination Period. These are important issues and require a personal discussion to make sure you have a thorough understanding of when your long-term care policy will begin to pay benefits.





Inflation Protection:

Tips: If you are less than 70 years of age you should have 5% Compounded Inflation Protection. If you are 70 and above, then 5% Simple Inflation Protection is typically sufficient. In some instances no Inflation Protection is needed due to age and/or finances.




Thank you! Having completed this section, you should have a good idea as to whether long-term care insurance makes sense for you. If so, continue on to the On-Line Quote Form.


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